Dear Director,

If you are currently looking for a dance or gymnastics program or are thinking of changing to another company, we would like you to consider us. For the same price as other programs like ours, Stardreams' offers these services:

We take care of all the publicity to the parent.

We have a full staff of teachers that keep the program running on a continual basis.

Our instructors are employees, not independent contractors, so we provide them with our own worker's compensation.

We have a sophisticated computerized billing method, so we can bill the parents directly or suit the billing to your own needs.


Your pre-school is protected because we are fully insured for any potential injury that may be your concern in having a Dance or Gymnastics program at your school.


Our Dance Program's annual staged dance production, has no stage or costuming fees! So your parents won't be hit with an additional "Show Fee" ($50 - $75) that most "other" Dance Programs charge parents after they have enrolled.

Our Gymnastics program does not charge extra for it's class observation because it is held during regular class time.

If you need any further information, or have any questions,


PHONE: 562 595-6676

PO Box 17148
Long Beach, Ca. 90807-7148

We'd be happy to help you!